Marty's Global Solution s.r.o. is a young growing company focused on the supply and service of industrial automation and electronics, including the supply of spare parts and consumables from all the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers.

Our company is on the Czech market since 2011, and currently works with a large number of manufacturing plants in the Czech Republic.

We cooperate with a number of manufacturing plants in the Czech Republic, but our customers are also companies from Slovakia, France and Hungary.

We specialize to:

  • Supply of spare parts demanded by the customer.
  • Manufacturing equipment - machine tools, tools and special purpose machines.
  • Locksmith production based on drawing documentation.
  • Tools for machining, turning, milling, and others.
  • Gauges, measuring instruments including gauges and other equipment quality control department.
  • Equipment workshops, maintenance and space manufacturing process.
  • Products of industrial automation and electronics from all major manufacturers.
  • Machines and technology "tailored" to the customer.

Benefits of cooperation with MARTY’S GLOBAL SOLUTION s.r.o:

  • Wide range of suppliers.
  • Focusing on customer needs in the needs x costs and benefits!
  • The shortest possible delivery times.
  • Technical support for installation and projects.
  • Great flexibility and adaptability to different requirements, deadlines and all customer needs.
  • We operate throughout whole the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Hungary and other EU countries.